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Jul. 27th, 2017 01:35 am
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Posted by tancer9902

Hi all, I've just signed up here, although I have been lurking around for a while. I really just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has made me laugh on this page, and thank you for all the information you share. I've been a fan of Bodie and Doyle since the late 80's, and it's these communities that keep these awesome shows alive. So...THANK YOU!!
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Title: Columbus, Ohio
Author: Tarlan ([personal profile] tarlanx)
Fandom: Zombieland (2009)
Pairing/Characters: Columbus/Tallahassee
Rating/Category: PG/Slash but R for gore
Prompt: Savior
Word Count: ~1950
Spoilers: None
Summary: Columbus feels obliged to find out what happened to his parents, embarking on a long journey with Tallahassee, and discovers a home is a person rather than a place.
Notes/Warnings: graphic violence against zombies

Written for [community profile] smallfandomfest FEST21
Also meets: [community profile] tic_tac_woe prompt: Zombies

On AO3:

Reading Pros...

Jul. 26th, 2017 08:38 am
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Posted by byslantedlight anyone still doing it? *g*

It's been about a month since the last post in this comm, and the one before was also a month before, so I thought it might be time to ask the question:

Are you reading Pros fic right now? What are you reading?

I'm on holiday, so I actually have been catching up on some re-reading from my Kobo. I had half-read stories that I finished:

Discovered in a Hatstand by The Hag (always a favourite)

Chalk and Cheese by Thomas (desperately needs a sequel! I've forgotten whether there is one...)

Six Different Fruits by someone or other. *g*

And then I had to open something "new":

Limbo by Thomas, because I'd forgotten how much I liked her writing. This one feels finished. *g*

And now I'm reading Honours Even by HG, and I'd forgotten how much I like this one too - though I forgot that the pov switched to Bodie in the middle, and it made me blink. But I was quite sleepy at the time. *g*

So I have two questions really:
Are you reading Pros fic right now? What are you reading? and
What do you recommend I put on my Kobo?

BD bwposedhappy
Okay, and the pic has no bearing on the post really... although reading Pros usually makes me feel happy and relaxed like our lads here. *g*

Challenge No 3: 99 words

Jul. 24th, 2017 06:33 pm
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Debriswoman recommended You have breath for no more than 99 words.  What would they be? collected by Liz Gray, and suggested this as a writing challenge.  So this month I have been writing 99 words for some of my characters.

It quickly became apparent the characters I would write had to be those for who I have written series, so that I could really get inside their heads.  I frequently write say, John Watson, both in BBC Sherlock and ACD Sherlock Holmes, but each time there may be subtle differences.  Whereas taking the Watson in Sussex Retirement I had a far greater idea of how he would think.  This also served to narrow down the characters I would choose.

I had decided to include the gang from the Marylebone Monthly Illustrated really as a bit of light relief.  Only when I came to write the first of them, the Ocelot, I came across the Editor with very strong views, and found myself writing one of the most dour of the entries.

None of the characters explicitely contradict my own views.  This might be a fault in a writer, but I think if I'm investing the time in a character to write a series then I want to be in agreement with them.  This is, after all, a hobby rather than a career.

The last chapter, which I have just posted, is my own 99 words, for I felt it was appropriate to leave a little bit of myself there too.

It's been a fascinating challenge, nothing like I expected when I started, and totally worthwhile doing, so thank you Debriswoman

99 words
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Posted by byslantedlight

I keep forgetting to post to the Pros comms these days (although to be fair I've not been posting much to my own lj either just recently), but I'm going to try to do better again. So here is a wee ficlet that I wrote a week ago, in a comment to a post of pictures by macklingirl. Her scenario was that Murphy shot some villains and they dropped not only their weapons. When Murphy found it he knew whose live he saved.
WhoseLivesHeSavedBodiePic WhoseLivesHeSavedDoylePic
And thank you, macklingirl for permission to post the pics!

Whose Lives He Saved
by Slantedlight

He found them bound and gagged, in the furthest back corner of an ancient coal cellar whose door was almost obscured by the wreck of the rooms above. They'd been thrown together, so that they lay close and tangled, Bodie on his back and Doyle's head somehow tucked into Bodie's armpit, the rest of him pressed along Bodie's side, like children curled together at night.

"Like being stuck inside 'is laundry bag," Doyle said later, "Only more fragrant." Bodie raised a disdainful eyebrow at him, and they ambled out of the break room shoulder to shoulder, deliberately casual in the face of a bellow from Cowley's office. Murphy watched them leave, his own eyebrows set carefully low.

He watched them.

Collinson had been paid an arm and a leg for them, and it was only because the men he'd picked to do the dirty work turned out to be no more than amateurs with pretensions that Bodie and Doyle were still alive. Greedy amateurs with pretensions, who'd somehow had the idea that Cowley might pay as much again as Collinson had in ransom money to get his agents back.

Cowley did not pay ransom money.

Murphy could not get it out of his head that Bodie and Doyle knew this.

He saw again and again, in the dark of the night, the clatter of the men ahead of him down the cellar stairs, their last desperate dash, and then the blood that had spattered from the men's bodies, the way their guns had fallen, the photographs of Bodie and Doyle, Cowley's top men, both taken unaware, unknowing, that had fluttered, bloodstained, from the men's fingers.

And Murphy could not get it out of his head that in the silence of the moments after, in the split-second held-breath instant when the shots were still echoing around the cellar walls, bound and gagged as they were on the cellar floor, Bodie and Doyle had turned only to each other, and all they had done was look.

It seared the air between them, that look, and caught in the blaze of it, all Murphy could think was What if I'd missed? What if he'd missed one of the men, if his shot hadn't been clean, had been too late, if his Walther had misfired the second bullet?

What if one of them had closed their eyes then, and never opened them again?

In the dark of the night, his own eyes open wide, Murphy thought about the lives he'd saved, thought about ransom money. He thought about working solo, and playing darts with the lads, and whether he'd ask Janine out on a second date, a pretty, pleasant sort of girl, whose looks held nothing more fiery than warmth.

He thought he would, and the thought lulled him, at last, to sleep.

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Title: You already know
Artist: Tarlan ([personal profile] tarlanx)
Fandom: Lucifer
Pairing/Characters: Lucifer
Rating/Category: GEN
Prompt: You already know
Notes/Warnings: None

Created for [community profile] smallfandomfest FEST21

click on image for 1920x1080 wallpaper size

Lucifer 01 Plain by Tarlan

Lucifer 01 with Text by Tarlan


Richard III

Jul. 22nd, 2017 01:47 pm
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I wouldn't normally see two different productions of the same play within the space of two months - inevitably the two will be compared, and anyway there are lots of other plays out there.  But on this occasion it was inevitable.  I had already booked to see Greg Hicks when Antic Disposition announced their new tour.  We really enjoyed their production of Henry V last year, and I would have looked at seeing them again anyway, but since they were once more in Gloucester Cathedral I had to go.

The play was performed in the choir and right at the edge of the presbytery - the doors at either end providing entrances.  There was very little in the way of props, two thrones at one end, some boxes to give added height occasionally at the other, but their absence didn't matter.  Again it was in modern dress, suits for the most part, formal army dress for Richard on his coronation, battle dress for the battle.  The parts of the two young princes were played by two of the female actors, who also played two of the queens, so smart outfits as queens, torn jeans as princes.

Richard, played by Toby Manley, was excellent as the manipulative future king.  At one point, after his wooing of Anne he turned round smiling broadly at the audience.  I was smiling broadly too and he grinned at me.  We were sitting in the front seats of the choir.

There was plenty of engagement with the audience.  In anticipation of the young Prince Edward's arrival in London, Catesby handed out flags to wave.  I was slightly disappointed SM was given one and I wasn't - but he waved his furiously at the right moment.

One of the things I particularly liked was that as the various characters were killed they would take their place at one end of the space as silent witnesses to the following action.  The characters alternated, so it didn't become overcrowded, but I felt it was particularly effective.

Apart from the young princes, there were a number of other actors who had two roles, but it wasn't noticeable and without looking at the programme I wouldn't have been aware of who was who.  In particular one actor played both Rivers and Richmond and I would never have realised.

It was a really good production, very different from the last one I'd seen, and one I'd recommend.

Gloucester Cathedral )
It's taken from the Organ Loft.  We were sat about half way down at the front on the right.

Reminder: One Week-ish

Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:07 am
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Hey, folks! Just wanted to remind you that there's now just over a week left to post your submissions or make another claim! Good luck!
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The more astute among you will possibly realise I rather like Richard Armitage.  Even the guy at work who transferred all my phone details to my new phone probably knows this, although he may not realise who it is.

So, recently RA did the voice for one of the characters on Castlevania, an anime of a computer game thingy on Netflix.  I do not like anime, I don't play computer games and I don't have Netflix.  But ...  It turned out with Netflix you get a one month free trial before having to start paying - so there was nothing lost.  And there were only four episodes of about 20-25 minutes each, which meant I could space them out nicely over four days.  Or in fact, watch all four in an evening.  Much to my surprise I enjoyed it, and am now looking forward to the new season next year.  Yes, there is a lot of swearing, and blood and gore (but if I can sit in the front row for Titus Andronicus I can cope), but in fact it was fun.

RA has also been in a film called Pilgrimage.  At first I wasn't going to watch it (lots more violence and unpleasantness) but the premise sounded interesting, and the question of the role of religion in the lives of the people is one I'm interested in.  So, when [personal profile] vix_spes  said she'd got a copy of the DVD for £7 from Sainsbury's I nipped into one on my way to work - and it went through the till for a fiver.  It's an interesting film, which I might watch again.  A proportion of the film is in Irish or French, and the subtitles weren't very easy to see - or at least not from my position behind the ironing board (no guilt whatsoever to watching a DVD during the day if I'm doing the ironing!) but I was taken with it.  And not just because of Raymond de Merville.

And I'm still waiting for Berlin Station to make it to Netflix UK!
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Title: At A Loss For Words
Artist: [ profile] monkiainen
Fandom: The Dresden Files
Pairing/Characters: Carlos
Rating/Category: PG/Gen
Prompt: at a loss for words
Notes/Warnings: n/a

rest here )
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Title: Not Just Coffee
Author: [ profile] megan_moonlight
Fandom: The Losers (movie)
Pairing/Characters: Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Jake Jensen, Linwood "Pooch" Porteous/Jolene (mentioned), William Roque
Rating/Category: PG-13/Slash
Prompt: Losers, The (movie), Cougar/Jensen, coffee shop AU (come on, you know you wanna! *g*)
Spoilers: -
Summary: Jensen and Pooch own a coffee shop, and Jensen's life changes when he meets Carlos, who keeps ordering the simplest, the most unimaginative drink ever.
Notes/Warnings: Written for the 21st round of [ profile] smallfandomfest. Warnings: Some nudity?


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I took part in the Multi-Fandom Drabble Exchange on AO3, which was great fun.  It worked on the same basis as any exchange, with the ficlets all being drabbles.  So nice and quick, with the possibility of writing treats and generally enjoying yourself.

I was very fortunate in receiving one gift and three treats.  One of my requests had been for The Hobbit, Thorin Oakenshield/Bilbo Baggins, and I received my gift Growing Things, plus two treats, For You and Gems of the Garden.  In addition I received Heatwave, a Forever treat.

I wrote a Life on Mars drabble Beware of Gene Bearing Drinks and a Call The Midwife pinch hit Speak Through the Earthquake, Wind and Fire.  And then two treats, an anthropomorfic knitting drabble Fair Isle and another Call the Midwife drabble Learning from the Television.

The Drabble Exchange was new for me, but I've also recently taken part again in Not Prime Time, which is an exchange for medium sized fandoms, which are too big for Yuletide, but don't tend to have their own exchanges.

I received a Forever fic as a gift, Acts of Kindness and unaware of it managed to write a treat for my author in the same fandom: Abe's Bet.  My own assignment was once more Call the Midwife, Even on Holiday.  And lastly there was an irresistible Spooks Adam Carter/Lucas North prompt, which produced Under Surveillance.  I chose to write a slightly different take on Adam and Lucas first working together, although somehow the final outcome may be similar.
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Title: Please don't stop
Author: [ profile] angelus2hot
Fandom: Fifty Shades of Grey
Pairing/Characters: Christian/Anastasia
Rating/Category: NC-17/Het
Prompt: Fifty Shades of Grey (movies), Christian/Anastasia, Please don't stop
Notes/Warnings: written for [ profile] smallfandomfest fest 21

LJ or AO3
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Title: In shades of gray
Artist: [ profile] angelus2hot
Fandom: Fifty Shades of Grey
Pairing/Characters: Christian/Anastasia
Rating/Category: PG/Het
Prompt: Fifty Shades of Grey (movies), Christian/Anastasia, In shades of gray
Notes/Warnings: made for [ profile] smallfandomfest fest 21

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Title: All I ever wanted
Artist: [ profile] angelus2hot
Fandom: Fifty Shades of Grey
Pairing/Characters: Christian/Anastasia
Rating/Category: PG/Het
Prompt: Fifty Shades of Grey (movies), Christian/Anastasia, All I ever wanted
Notes/Warnings: made for [ profile] smallfandomfest fest 21

Looking for help about pic posting

Jul. 17th, 2017 01:54 am
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Posted by krisserci5


I have used photobucket to house pictures and then post them. Well I find out today that they want me to pay for third party postings. $399.00 . . . . All my postings that had pics are gone. The pics are in the PB but links are disabled.

So my plea for help is how do I get photos into postings. . . or do I need to find another holding site?

Thank you. . .I am freaking out over the thought of having to go back and repost pics in my LJ, DW, and A03 accounts.

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Title: Faith in a song
Author: [ profile] pairatime
Fandom: Latter Days
Pairing/Characters: Christian/Aaron
Rating/Category: R/Slash
Prompt: Latter Days; Christian/Aaron; Leap of faith
Spoilers: The movie
Summary: When Aaron hears Juileā€™s song he makes a choice and takes a leap of faith.
Notes/Warnings: Writing this gave me a reason to rewatched the movie and reread the book so thank you.

Link: AO3


Jul. 16th, 2017 05:29 pm
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A couple of weeks ago I went to see Wonder Woman. I cried three times during it. The scene of the Amazons defending their island, the scene of Diana crossing the battlefied... I did not expect to be so moved but there I was, crying, because 'I've never seen...' and 'finally' and the entirely unexpected emotional impact of that. I've been brutally honest about my reaction as well every male colleague with whom I've gotten to talking about the movie. Because it needs to be said. And because I hope that it helps them understand. Even if just a little bit.

And then today:

I genuinely cried again. Because finally.

And every single whiney fanboy who starts the argument with 'I'm not sexist but...' can take their male privilege and kindly go fuck themselves.


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Title: Mean World
Author: (vidder) [personal profile] colls
Fandom: Space: Above and Beyond
Pairing/Characters: Shane Vansen
Rating/Category: Gen
Prompt: Space: Above and Beyond
Notes/Warnings: FANVID :)


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